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Completion date: August, 2012
Location: St-Petersburg, Russia,”Taiga” space.
Technique: silkscreen, neon lettering.

“How long is now” - the question unanswered in the form of graffiti on the wall of the legendary Berlin squat Tacheles, which became a symbol of independent Berlin of the ’90s. But how to get an answer to this question and go further to the understanding of ongoing existence? The main line of my exhibition was an artistic answer to that is to stop focusing on the moment of “now” and approve its permanent presence. Hope and romantic urge ,contained in the actual approval of the “now is right now”, - is a confident voice of a generation that can be witnessed in the “Taiga”,the liveliest self-initiated, non-institutional open cultural project space of St. Petersburg. After the exhibition ended, the site-specific neon installation “Now is just right now”, like a lighthouse that indicates new horizons, remained in the backyard of “Taiga” space contributing to the formation of a new self-identity of St. Petersburg art scene in a global context.


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